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April 26, 2016


After awaking from a horrific dream, I pondered its implications. So I shared it with my spouse as we became fully awake.

In the dream I was standing at a street corner that I was familiar with in a town that we were not currently living in. It was: spring, warm, birds chirping, a very pleasant site, no traffic, just calm and peaceful. Standing there looking around I saw a group of young people coming toward the corner about to come to the side in which I was standing. As they cross the street I noticed a small child around the age between three or four with the group, but was not with anyone. When they reached my side I asked the child where their parents were. The child pointed to a Church that was down the street, from where they had come from. I asked the child whom they were with in the group. The reply was no one. I then asked where they were going; they shrugged their shoulders and said I don’t know. With that response I took the child’s hand and walked back to the church. Once inside the church, which was full of people, I asked one where I could locate the parent. There was so much confusion and chaos going on that no one could tell me the location. Finally roaming through the rooms with so many people in the same turmoil, the child pointed to their mother. There she was on the floor, laughing and not paying any attention of her surroundings.

I finally got the mothers attention and asked her about the child. Her response to me was the children are OK to be by themselves, they are independent and will survive on their own.

When I awoke I had the sense of being lost. There was no love there in the mother’s voice, no caring. So I prayed for revelation of the dream and its’ true meaning. This is what was revealed, the child was myself, the mother reflect the pastors (not all) that have been in my life. The confusion and chaos is because they’re in little to no leadership within many churches.

I believe the reason I had this dream is because I have been encouraged by several pastors to do the blog. Not only them but also the Lord through His Spirit has pursued me. Believe me, when I say I am not an open book and enjoy being in any kind of limelight. Who in their right mind wants to have a bulls-eye on their back and front where the enemy can take a shot? Mean while I have not heard a word from those pastors on anything. Not only that for the most part the people that look at the blog or Facebook page they don’t look at the blog (even when they say they do). If you did not know having a page gives you a count of that weeks total, example: Post Reach 414, Post Engagement 8, Web-site Clicks 0, Response Rate 0 of 0. Examples from Newsletter are very similar, except it shows each person if they clicked onto any of the postings in the web site. Telling my spouse the dream I express my disappointment with the blog and discussed how Jesus must have felt when all HE got was will you feed us more food (not spiritual food). We also discussed how pastors feel when no one tells them that the message gave them encouragement or forced them out of their comfort zone. So why am I continuing to put this out there? Is it to see how many followers I can get or that the comments will give me some kind of joy? NO! Only GOD!

After the discussion my spouse shared with me something that was very interesting. There was a missionary couple from Sweden, with their small boy, that went to Africa to do their mission work. Once there they met up with another missionary couple. The Chief of the village would not allow them enter into the village so they built their mud huts on the side of the hill. At first it was very slow finally the wife won over one small boy. As the year progressed the Church did not grow, and the couple that met left .The wife became pregnant and died seventeen days after birth because of malaria. So the husband left Africa, gave the newborn baby girl away to the other couple and went back to Sweden. Very discouraged the husband question all they had gone through also questioned God why. He left the Church also with it all that they believed in and began living a very secular life. The baby girl lived with the couple until they died and she went to the United States to live with another missionary family. The story is very long, which you can read the whole true account. The crux of the story is the one young boy that was brought to Christ, grew up to win that whole village to Jesus Christ. The one seed that was planted just kept growing and growing, representing some 110,000 baptized believers, spoke eloquently of the gospel’s spread in that village.

Then my spouse said something very profound. Maybe your job is to have only three that will be encouraged to give themselves totally to Christ, or maybe it is time to find new ground where the ears and hearts truly want to grow through the GREAT NEWS of CHRIST.

The words he said kept reminding me ”For many are called but few are chosen” Matthew 22:14. So I went to the scriptures to read the full context to that verse. Very interesting to understand the calling, the first call was to all who is deemed worthy to be called. Not only did they not heed the call (they went back to doing their normal lives) but the remnant also killed the servants that did the call for the Master. The Master was not happy with their response and had those destroyed along with their city. So the Master sent his servants out again to call those not worthy to the wedding celebration. They gathered those good and bad and were ready for the wedding. When the Master came to see the guests He noticed one that was without his wedding garment and question him. The man did not answer, so he was cast into outer darkness. You might wonder what is this wedding garment? My belief is it is the baptism (physical and spiritual), for that person did not have Jesus blood to cover him. Matthew 22: 1-14

This very profound parable that Christ told has so many implications. Do you feel you are part of the first (the worthy ones) to be called? Even the Pharisees were taken back by his tale. Are we like the Pharisees so full of knowledge not seeing the true meaning and going on with our lives, as the invitation will be there later? Or are we like the child in the dream, lost without true guidance, love, and hope, wandering through life without true foundation? Do you feel you are in the second calling? All that came were not worthy, nor good or bad, but answered the invitation.

Time is short; if you know anyone who is not a true Christian (the one without the wedding garment), please encourage him or her.

This is what the Lord has placed on my heart today.

Be Blessed

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    1. Compelling & calling for G_D to examine my heart to reveal any wicked way in me! R, I appreciate how you share your heart for His Word to anyone who is listening…please pray G_D leads us to a Body alive & teaching the meat of the Word.

    1. Hearing your dream brought me back to the story of the two young Missionaries from Sweden. It was good for me to go back and read it again!

      Thank you.

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