The Year of the Bible – Week One – Creation

January 25, 2018

Week one we begin at the beginning in Genesis. Starting on page 8 the story background is Genesis 1-2. You can click on the highlighted scripture and it will open in a new window to read the full scripture. You can also change to whatever version you want read. Right now I have it going to The Tree of Life Version. On page 9 it breaks down a daily reading schedule. Pages 10 through 12 are the pages in which there is a discussion, that you write down your thoughts. I suggest that you print out all pages and make your own book. You can either print out from below or go to this link and click to read then on the next page at the top you can print from there. To make a comment on this post in the blog you must sign up on the home page far right side under NEWSLETTER.





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    1. I am still trying to figure out how to learn from others on this site. I wonder how many are here. I think my spiritual imprint is supposed to be helping people feel better about themselves.

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