Survival – How to HIS way

April 6, 2016

Survival, there are so many TV shows on now about surviving during the end of days. Even some ministries are promoting this. Food, water, weapons, storage, hiding, you name it they have survival down to a monetary science.

What does G_D say about survival??? Believe it or not, He has a lot!!! If we as believer, can we gleam what others have gone through, understand their circumstances and learn from their mistakes.

Survival – famine – Joseph

Joseph, God’s child with vision, survived being sold into slavery. Overcame the temptation of Potters wife, only to be placed in prison. Relying on G_D: he gained authority in prison, gave interpretation to fellow prisoners dreams. Later gave Pharaoh the interpretation of his dream, in which he became Pharaoh’s right hand man. Joseph was a survivalist thsurvivalrough G_D. For what man has done for evil, G_D meant it for good.

The interpretation of the dream is a survivalist plan. Prepare while the time of harvest is there for the seven years. Then be ready for the following seven year without a harvest. Many have heard this message and are preparing for what they believe is the end. Is this enough? How much do you prepare for, just your family? What about anyone else?

Joseph life was not a bed of roses. He like us would have pondered why did that have to happen to me? Could he have helped that his father loved his mother and him more than theother mothers and children?

What could he have done any different in his childhood? This question we need to ask ourselves. When Joseph told his dreams of his family bowing down to him, not once but twice. Did he not realize how that effected his family? Do we flaunt our spiritual gift like a banner, like Joseph? Isn’t this a form of pride? Joseph was disciplined by G_D when he said to the prisoners going to Pharaoh for judgment to remember him. G_D made him wait in prison 2 more years. Has HE have you going through a discipline state? HE is preparing you for what is to come. Like Joseph we all must be purified to come through completely to relying on HIM.

I have found that most people FEAR the unknown. Just think if we all came with a set of instructions, we might as well have been made robots. That is why G_D made us with free will.
If G_D has told you to survive by storing up food, please disregard what I am about to say. There is a reason He is called our provider ( Jehovah Jireh). When Moses brought the Hebrew people out of Egypt, G_d provided for all their needs. Aren’t we to rely on Him to provide for all our needs.

Please feel free to comment. I will try to tackle the other part of survival later, next week.


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