Will HIS or Mine? (life lessons)

July 19, 2016

His Will“GOD’s Will” how many times have we heard those two words. Jesus said it so often, that you knew HE did not take a step or say a word without first consulting His FATHER. How hard is it for us to be in HIS Will all the time, and beware if that is your wish, for HE will grant you that request in a snap. First will come the test after a period of time. If you pass HE will send another but just a little different to catch you off guard. It’s not like any other test you can image.

His Will Test One

Living by the Spirit is not as easy as it may seem. At times I wonder if I am walking the straight and narrow path that I perceive that I am on or have I justified my own understanding and consider others to be wrong in their own actions? Here’s the problem, my ‘free will’ keeps on getting in the way, even if I put God first.

This is an actually account of what made me question my understanding.

It was a beautiful morning and I was headed for Bible study. One in which I attend when I am in town and available. I had talked with the teacher the day before; because they sometimes are out of town, to make sure they were meeting. They informed me that it was their birthday luncheon and it was going to be in a town about thirty plus miles away. After talking with my spouse, I decided to go.

Before we started the lesson the teacher asked who was going to attend so they could inform the restaurant the number. At this time I announced that I had room for four people to ride in my car. After the lesson, we were getting ready to leave; there was no one who wanted to ride with me. The group had already made their own arrangements to ride with one another. Of course this made me feel unwanted, so I told the teacher I was not going to go. She insisted, but be aware that her car would have to leave immediately after lunch, because one of the riders have to be back in town by a certain time.

We got to the restaurant and there was sixteen of the seventeen there. The one missing who had not attended the class was an elderly handicap person and showed up about ten minutes after us. They were on time, we had arrived earlier and did not wait before ordering. Not much conversation went on with the one who is handicap, but I tried to engage. We ate and when we were through, the car that I rode in got up and began to leave. The five of us left the table and I looked back and the rest of the group was still seated. I thought, oh great the handicap person would still have someone there. I talked to the teacher about the situation and they went out in the parking lot to see if their ride was there, but they weren’t. Standing at the door to depart the rest of the group got up and left the table leaving the handicap person still sitting there in their wheelchair, still eating.


While going back to our town, we stopped and went grocery shopping and stopped by to leave food to a shut-in who was not there. During the ride back I read one of my latest post on the blog, with no response. When we all reached the teachers’ house we departed.



At the moment when I looked back at the empty table except for the handicap person, I knew that my PRIDE got in the way (by wanting to be friends and be accepted by this group) I realized that I was suppose to go in my car by myself so I could stay and be there with them. I question this because no one stayed, the problem really appeared to me since I had taught on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and it became very clear where this group of women’s gifting lies. They all had to many other things to do beside stay for ten more minutes to show love to one that had showed so much love to them in the past.

I have been bothered by this and have felt that I grieved the Holy Spirit, because I did not follow His path. I have not returned to the bible study, since this event, because I feel that I am not really wanted or invited into their small circle.

Since this has happened I have not had an opportunity to talk with this person. Then shortly just before leaving to close on the sale of the townhouse, I was informed they had past away, not by the teacher but in an email from someone outside the group requesting prayer for the family. I pray that I have the opportunity to see them in heaven to tell them how much her example in her life has touched me to the core.



Being aware of my failure to follow HIS Will, I was determined to listen more intently and be aware of what is happening in both the earthly and spiritual realm. Reaching the townhouse, we had given ourselves two weeks to pack it out, finish all the details and be ready to sign the paperwork and close that chapter in our lives.

When I had encountered the person who bought the townhouse, they seemed to be what is called a “Loki Lou”. Someone who was just looking around to see what was on the market. The day before another person who I met told me that they were bring their spouse back and wanted to purchase not only the townhouse but also the furniture. This is what the Lord had told me that the person He was sending would be buying it all. So when I met the Loki Lou I was not impressed that they were going to be the one.

On Friday the 13th of the month the Loki Lou made an offer, but the one who was really going to purchase it all was coming the following day Saturday. My realtor said we could not show or take another offer until we had finished with the Loki Lou. So we went back in forth with the offer. They wanted everything, but expected us to give it to them. We finally made our last counter and they accepted. They pay full price and we pay closing. Now I could have just done the opposite, but I knew and told our realtor that we already had contracts on part of the closing cost, so we would not have to pay for them again.

The second thing that happened was the title. Their company had transferred the person we purchased the townhouse from to their plant in Detroit. They had signed with only one witness all that was required in that state but not in Louisiana. So we sweat that out until they got it all straighten out.

The third thing that happened was the inspection. When we purchased the town house we did not know it was built not to code and when it was inspected for us it was not brought to code. With the remodel all of that was to code, but none of the rest. The inspection had 50 items that had to be brought to code or replaced. The problems we are in Colorado and could not over see the needed corrections. We hired people to fix all was brought to code five days before closing.

The fourth thing that happened was the person purchasing wanted to come and do the inspection or walk through eight days before the closing. We finally talked them out of that.

The fifth thing that happened there was to conventions happening in our area, which made it hard to find a hotel to stay in. After the fifteen one we found a room.

Now it is the week of closing which is to be on Friday. The entire house is packed up waiting for the movers to come, except for our bed. They come on Wednesday and pack us out of the house. Later that day we clean all the cabinets, floor and anything that might have been left that was to go in our car. We stayed at the hotel.

Thursday morning the Loki Lou does the walk through. There was only two-piece of furniture that we left and agreed upon in the contract, but when they went upstairs and saw that I had left the two stain glass windows I made a comment. I left them for you; their reply was “Of course, I expected you to leave them”. Before leaving the townhouse I reminded them to contact the alarm people so they would have her information.

Later that day while we were at lunch our realtor called and said there was a problem with appraisal, that the lender was requesting another one. She also told us that we had to have a paid receipt for the work that was done, which was different from what she had told us before and didn’t we tell her we had paid our dues for the year?

By this time I am questioning if this is God’s Will that this person is to buy our house. Now I have to find the workman who did all the work get a paid invoice and clear up the dues that we had paid for the whole year. Fifty miles away we got the invoice and had to make the president of the association to give us a six-month refund.

Now it’s Friday, we go to the townhouse for the final time to clean out the freezer before going to the closing, the hotel did not have a refrigerator. I read out the address that the realtor TXT me and put it in the GPS. We are off ready to get this over. It has been a long two weeks, battling against the head winds that have been thrown at us. Then the GPS says “You have reached your destination” but all there was, was a grove of trees. We backtracked found some buildings, hoping this was the place. No address matched so we called the realtor; finally we were there ready to close.

Everyone was there and we were at the front office making copies of receipts and other things. I asked the Loki Lou if she had contacted the alarm service? Her reply was no, but they would take care of it before the day was out. This was the same thing they had told me before I expressed my concern, but felt it fell on death ears.

At the closing table we went first since we had to sign very little, I notice that the realtor did not do as they had said and paid for the items that we had already had under contract. She made a statement I’ll just write you a check, I was so upset with her because it was her responsibility to have taken care of this and she knew the amount before closing. I just said NO. I was tired of working with someone who was so incompetent.

When leaving the town I was very angry with the whole process. Every piece of paperwork or anything relating to the sell had been under the microscope. So I cried out to God for JUSTICE. We sold the townhouse left furniture and stain glass and other things that did not count as value to the house, about $12,000.00 worth. Then with the remodel and all the upgrades we lost another $30,000.00.

What Did I Gleam

After returning back to Colorado, I have had a peaceful time to go over all that happened. There is other things that occurred that made the whole process hard. One but not least leaving all my family and friends in Louisiana and the surrounding area.

I do know this is where God wants me to be. He gave me a scripture that I find very interesting 1 Corinthians 16 (AKJV) For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. What these people meant for evil, God meant for Good. For He brought justice to Job and Joseph and I know God will bring justice to this situation and those involved, but it will be in His Will and timing not mine. He never tells us that it is going to be clear sailing from port to port, for sometimes there are storms that only He can bring us through.

Be Blessed


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