Walk down Memory Lane

Some new friends came by to visit this week, while here we toured our home. In one room which we call the music room, the friends asked if I played the piano and did I take lessons. Not as much as I use too, and in a way I did take lessons to start. My family move to Oklahoma City when I was ten. It was in that summer that I learned more that molded me to become whom I...

Dreams and Visions

CAN WE NOT THINK LIKE GOD? Over the years I have received many dreams and visions. Some that were just for me, others to share. The picture above was a vision given to me in 2015, which I painted. When you are given a dream, most of the time not all is revealed within a few minutes, hours, days, or months. The same goes for the dream that was given to me that I explained a few weeks ago.