April 29, 2016


Sleep, oh yea, I like to do that when I can. They say you need so many hours each night, but who can really do that? I’ve done all the things you normally do before going to bed so when the illusive sandman hits I’m ready. Close my eyes and nothing! I mean nothing! So in this process I say my final prayers and still nothing.

Sleep Tricks

There are some tricks I do and sometimes they work. First I do control breathing, you know deep in – out, with counting in 1 – out 2. They say your mind can only process one thing at a time, so I’m mentally saying the numbers while breathing very heavy; one – two over and over again, but still nothing.sleep

My spouse rolls over and asks, “What are you doing”? “Trying to fall asleep” is my response.

OK, let try my second best trick. I did try counting sheep but that never worked so it got dropped from the list… I clear my mind of the everything that happened that day and imagine that I’m floating in water, just floating along, but that doesn’t last long enough to fall to sleep.sleep

The almost always trick is my last resort number three. I say Psalms 23. So I start “The Lord is my shepherd”… there was a time where I had nothing but the Lord, This is where I stop and reflect. Yes, He watch out for me unlike anyone ever has. Then “I shall not want” when you are so poor you learn allot between need and want. This is where I reflect on all the wonderful things HE has given me, for I never needed or wanted anything in those times. By the time I am through praising HIM, I wake up and it’s 3:33 am and I’m ready to hear what HE has to say!

How do you go to sleep, when it eludes you?

Psalm 23

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