UnSeen Realm – Seeing is Believing

August 3, 2016

unseen realmThe Unseen Realm has mystified many through the years. Some have perused it through different means, not all good or through GOD. I was born with this gifting, which in the Bible is called seeing. Seeing is different from the prophetic, but it also parallels and is combined with it also. Seeing is just that, one sees what is not visible to the eye, which implies that one can see the unseen through spiritual eyes.

In this post I will discuss some of the things in which the SPIRIT has brought to share. You have the free will to believe what I tell you or not. Do not take my words as gospel, ask the HOLY SPIRIT and HE will guide you in your faith.

EXAMPLES of the UNSEEN World in Church

When one comes into a building that is set aside for worship, yes it is just a building, but others have come and prayed over and asked for His presences to be there. I was taught before coming to worship to set aside an hour or two before entering: to pray, humble myself, and prepare to be in the Lord presences.

1.) One day I arrived early, there was the rush from others to get everything in place before the start of the service. Standing there as the room emptied, I heard something walk by me. The sound was like taffeta, satin or silk making a rustling sound. Looking around there was nothing visible, though I knew something had entered the sanctuary. I ask who are you and what are you doing here? The entity replied, “I am here to worship the KING”. During worship the room was filled with a sweet aroma that had others asking. I wish all churches could experience this and they could if they would prepare themselves for HIS presences before approaching HIM in worship.

2.) Giving is very important to HIM. When we give, be it a tithe, offering, or a gift our angel that is assigned to us is there. The angel observes as we give and notes in our book of life how we gave (the condition of our heart) and to whom we gave, along with the date. Each one of us has an angel assigned to us and they records all what we do, say, and think.

3.) While worshiping, I observed what I describe as a demon. If you don’t think they can come into your service you are wrong. Some just hang outside the building, waiting for their vessel to appear, but some are internal and become visible when a person is truly worshiping and they cannot stay with in the vessel. This particular one looked like a large frog, about the size of a mature cat. It was not green like a frog, but shiny like sliver. When the sun hit it shimmered for a moment then became invisible to the necked eye. After worship was over the demon jumped back into its’ vessel. Later that year of this observance that person died.

You are probable saying to yourself that a demon cannot be attached to a Christian or a follower of GOD. There are many reasons we give permission for this to happen. Here are a three that I find in many people:
1.) unforgiveness (not only for a person or event who wronged you, but the big one is forgiving yourselves),
2.) worrying about anything (not believing God has it in control),
3.) co-mingling of spirits (we are born with one spirit, when we marry we become one spirit, but when you have sexual acts be it physical or through thought you allow their spirit to attach to you).

If you feel that HE is not a close as you would like then ask HIM and He will reveal the sin that is keeping you away.

These three that are listed are so easy to overcome by prayer, repenting, and not leaning on our own understanding, but relying totally on HIM. After your cleansing ask the HOLY SPIRIT to fill you and do not forget to put on the full armor of God for your own protection.


Seeing the unseen realm is not always great. There has been many times in which I have asked that it be turned off so I could just be with a person and not have to see all their stuff. Other times when I’m in ministry it is very beneficial. When you call upon the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal the future for an individual, all of their past plays apart. Some calls this reading your mail. Jesus did this with the woman at the well John 4.

I have been taught through Streams Ministries (John Paul Jackson) that when viewing a persons life to look at what the LORD wants them to be. In other words, give an encouraging word so that person will follow the path that HE wants them to go, but if need be telling something from their past gives you credibility, it’s alright. To be honest, most people know the sin in their lives and don’t need to know that you know. When you ask someone for a word from the LORD for their lives, all this comes into play. Though sometimes, He gives you nothing and it is for good reason.

I would like to give more on this subject, but at this time I am not given permission to go further.

In the past I have not met anyone with the same gifting as I. They either lean more to the seeing or the prophetic. If you feel that you have the same gifting I would love to talk. rbounds@storyfrombeyond.com

Have a Blessed week,  seek the LORD with all your heart and worship HIM in SPIRIT and TRUTH.

John 4:21 Yeshua tells her, “Woman, believe Me, an hour is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22 You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23 But an hour is coming—it is here now—when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people as His worshipers. 24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

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