President race 2016; answered words

May 19, 2016

President, who will it be? First I would like to say I am not indorsing or saying anything against any of the candidates that are or have been in the 2016 race for president. This is only to inform you what the Lord has given to me since the race started. Also I would like to encourage you to write a comment(don’t be afraid my neck is also out there) if you also have received a word, since each of us only get pieces to the puzzle.

When the Lord gives me a vision I like to ask what exactly is the meaning. Most of the time but not always He gives me an answer. Then there are times that no explanation is needed. In the beginning of the race there were so many on the Republicans side and few on the Democrats side. So I prayed and ask the Lord whom He wanted for our next president.

The answer was not what I truly expected! I was hoping for one person that would stand out like David did to God, but instead this is what He said. “No one has my heart, who ever is elected will carry the weight of all the sins that the United States has done since it became a nation and declared “I am their GOD”. That seemed a little harsh to me since that person (our soon to be president)might not know the extent of those sins, though deep down I knew if asked He would reveal. But this was not all He said, “They have the opportunity to bring this nation back into MY hands”.

I have pondered this for a long while trying understanding what is at stake. Had we wondered so far off the path that He has just let us do our own thing and not punished us to straight up our act? The signs could they have always been there but we aren’t using our spiritual eyes to see them? I have heard some prophetic chatter on the subject, but nothing has been given to me. Maybe this is His plan to bring about the End of Days? So many thoughts ran through my mind about: End Times, the state of our nation, and no relief on whom to vote for president.

As the candidates dwindled, Democrats to two and Republicans to three, the feeling of abandonment became clearer. It wasn’t until two of the Republicans drop out and only one remained in the race for president, that the Lord spoke to me again on the subject. This time it wasn’t a long dissertation just a few but profound words, “You will now have your second Pharaoh”. The thought of a Pharaoh brought another vision that is discussed in the Survival #3.


President (3 and ? running)president

Welcome to the circus came blaring from the TV as I entered the room. The ad was on the financial channel, one that my spouse watched regularly. The circus is a new show or I guess because I had never seen this particular one, about the political environment we in the United States are in.

That was a good description “circus”. As I stood there I envisioned a clown on a unicycle, juggling four balls in the air. Swaying back in forth, trying hard to stay balanced with the balls floating in precise unison. The balls had faces; one on each, there was Trump, Hillary, Bernie, and a large question mark on the last one.

Once again I asked what was the question mark, could it be another political party yet to emerge? At this point I have not received an answer. I do know: a political candidate or the government cannot solved our spiritual problems, unless they are seeking after Him. Since there is no one that I could vote for I am writing in my own candidate even if it does not count, it will in the spiritual realm. JESUS CHRIST the son of the Living GOD.

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