President race 2016; answered words

Welcome to the “circus”. Who would be our next President. As I stood there I envisioned a clown on a unicycle, juggling four balls in the air. Swaying back in forth, trying hard to stay balanced with the balls floating in precise unison. The balls had faces; one on each, there was Trump, Hillary, Bernie, and a large question mark on the last one.

Spiritual Study of Proverbs – 1 thru 8

The spiritual study of Proverbs is to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you by using the scriptures to bring insight and revelation to your life. Who does not have something that they need an answer to concerning work, relationship to others, physical health issues or even monetary? Starting the first of each month go to the book of Proverbs. Unlike other studies this one will be one chapter for each day of the week (April 1 = chapter...