The Parable of the Lost Son

Last night as I was trying to sleep when the lord brought to mind “The Parable of the Lost Son” or “The Prodigal Son”. You can click the link to read the full scripture and change the version if you wish. “The Prodigal Son” Over the years I have heard many perspectives or teachings on this Parable and I’ll place those in parenthesis so you can see this is not what the Lord was giving me during the night. Looking at the...

Buying A Dream Or Empathy

Dreams we all have one or two, but how often does our dream come from someone else’s dream? Remembering your dream first, or are you just in empathy for the original dreamer? Empathy creates mutual understanding and perspective.    The next time you’re stuck in a disagreeable conversation, consider changing your strategy.  Instead of waiting to respond, disagree, or move on, try seeing things from the other person’s point of view.  Really imagine you’re them, and pretend you see things exactly the way they...


To understand Spiritual Wisdom we must 1st understand God's view on the realm of the Spirit. If you talk to unbelievers they think it is foolish that Jesus is the only way. God is still showing us worldly wisdom is foolishness.

Will HIS or Mine? (life lessons)

Living by the Spirit is not as easy as it may seem. At times I wonder if I am walking the straight and narrow path that I perceive that I am on or have I justified my own understanding and consider others to be wrong in their own actions? Here’s the problem, my ‘free will’ keeps on getting in the way, even if I put God first.