Ecclesiastes – Study Chapter 1 – 12

May 31, 2016

EcclesiastesThe spiritual study of Ecclesiastes is like the study of Proverbs by allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to you by using the scriptures to bring insight and revelation to your life. Who does not have something that they need an answer to concerning work, relationship to others, physical health issues or even monetary? Starting at the first of the month go to the book of Ecclesiastes. Unlike other studies this one will be one chapter for at least two days or more of the week (June 1-3 = chapter 1, June 4-6 = chapter2). If you find can not do a chapter for that time period, just go to the one you miss and take your time. Do not feel over whelm by the idea of such a study, it really is going to be very insightful to your everyday life. The whole idea is to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you. It may be only a word or a phrase that He will impress a thought or picture to you. I want to encourage you to start to see beyond this physical realm and listen to the spiritual realm of G_D.

Some of you who live outside the states, I know you are unable to respond to this study by giving your comments. Get a notebook and write down your thoughts each day as you are lead. Also I want to encourage you to get a prayer partner or someone that can do the study together.


Before you start, pray to the Holy Spirit to allow you to hear from Him clearly. It will be amazing what He has to say. If possible write a comment so others can see what you are given. When commenting please indicate which version of the Bible you are using (KJ King James, NKJ New King James). Also indicate if you would like your name not to show or if you do not want the comment published on the site. If you do not comment please keep a notebook. I will also be praying for you to receive from Him.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Newsletter! So far this year I have sent 2 (two). It is up to you to come back and look at the site. I try to put new materials up at least once or twice a week. It’s more up to God when He gives me something to be shared.

I have included an audio mp3 of the chapter along with a printed scripture of the chapter. You can change the version from 21st Century King James to another by clicking on the top right and select which version then search.

Ecc 1vs2

 Chapter one



Printed Chapter 1

ecclesiastesCHAPTER two


Printed Chapter 2

ecclesiastesCHAPTER Three


Printed Chapter 3

EcclesiastesCHAPTER Four


Printed Chapter 4

ecclesiastesCHAPTER Five


Printed Chapter 5


ecclesiastesImage Credit: Charles Allan Gilbert

 Chapter six

In this 19th century painting by Charles Allan Gilbert a woman sits at her dressing table. Nothing unusual about that you might ask ? Take a closer look at the picture as a whole, in particular the combination of the mirror, the perfume bottles and the woman’s reflection. There’s a second image here that isn’t quite so obvious.


Printed Chapter 6

ecclesiates Chapter seven


Printed Chapter 7

10 commands Chapter eight


Printed Chapter 8

 ecclesiastesChapter nine


Printed Chapter 9

  gossipChapter ten


Printed Chapter 10

ecclesiates Chapter eleven


Printed Chapter 11

 ecclesiastesChapter twelve


Printed Chapter 12

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    1. You have got interesting posts here. I have enjoyed going through the study. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to study this way. Surprising what the Holy Spirit has brought to mind.

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