Digging Deeper – Week 6 – The Baptism

February 7, 2018

Week six – The Baptism

For several years, many years ago, I wondered  “Why did Jesus have to be Baptised?” During a church service in Louisianna Abba download the answer to that question that I kept asking. The answer was very simple and you probably already know the answer. This is what He told me. My son was born of a woman. He is both part human and part God. Jesus had to humble himself (the human side) to be baptized. Even in his human side, He had never sinned. But He had to do this to use it for the example to Nicodemus in John.Jesus did not call it BAPTISM but to be born again. There are other scriptures regarding the word born again. They are from 1Peter  verses 3 & 23.

Recently Abba gave me another word concerning this born again. He told me when an egg is fertilized in a woman’s womb is just like when a human is born again. There is a new spark of life. This is when life begins! Just like a baby has an umbilical cord attached to the mother, when we are born again we have a silver cord that is attached to us to Him. This scripture  in Ecclesiastes 12  describes a person in their old age right before death, verse 6 gives the silver cord.

When this week is through I will be moving this post to Dig Deeper – Week 6 .  Each Week will be a new Digging Deeper for that week’s subject. You can comment to me or to The Chapel of the South Fork website. It will take you to prayer request, you can put your comments here and select to go to Larry. To comment on this site go to Home and on the far right side go down to Newsletter and put your email address in, you will be sent a confirmation to your email address, once you confirm, then you are set to go. Either way, Larry will get your comment, but on my site, others will be able to see and learn from all of our mistakes.

For Your convenience, I have all the scripture ready for the week for you. just click and read. Also If you can not find your book  go to Chapel of the South Fork and read from there.

Be blesed!

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