True meaning of Christmas

November 30, 2017


The word Christmas, does it stir up memories of times in the past or does it bring much anxiety thinking what is to come? There has been much discussion on what it means to someone, but lets look at what it really means to the most important person of all . . . GOD.

If you are a father or mother you know the joy that a child brings. GOD is no different. He orchestrated a whole book around His child, Jesus. You can tell that He is a proud father from the beginning, starting in Genesis when He announced Jesus would crush the head of Satan. God’s plan to give the earth and His follower to Him was proclaimed there.

Isaiah tells us that GOD created the end from the beginning. Nothing take Him by surprise!

Why no date?

So why did He not tell us the date of Jesus birth? He did give us many clues but no date. Could it be He saw how the people took Passover and changed it to Easter? We sing about the Easter Bunny, have Easter egg hunts, and some are done at God’s house. The same has happened to Christmas. We have Christmas trees all decorate with lights and tinsel. Many have replaced Jesus with Santa Claus. Oh no you say, I just tell my children that Santa is real. Is that not lying? You say it Tradition! Do you realize traditions are what Jesus came to destroy? The priest at that time had some laws and tradition that they too had come up with. God will not share His glory with no one, especially an idol.

The gifts we give during this time, did you realize God had placed in the hearts of the wise men many years before the birth of Jesus. It has been determined it took them three years to travel to Jesus house to present Him with those gifts. Joseph and Mary used them to flee to Egypt and escape Harrods death wish. God prepare all of us to give not only at this time of year, but all year long.


We sing songs about Christmas that has nothing to do about Jesus. Snow, trees, presents and many other things! Is this what Christmas has become to us? I pray not. I do like on occasions to sing one of these no religious songs, but wonder is it out of habit or tradition? The scripture tells us that if our traditions are of man and the world they are leading us away from  Jesus.

ChristmasSo why do we put up a tree in our homes? and lights on our houses? Are these also not Christmas Traditions?

Jesus’ life is the example we are to use

No where in scripture did Jesus celebrate his birth. He did celebrate the festivals and holidays that His Father requires. One such minor festival is recorded in John 10 Feast of Dedication in verse 22, also known as Hanukkah or Festival of Lights. Even though most of the story is not in most Bibles it is recorded in the first Book of the Maccabees. You can do a search on the word Hanukkah and get allot of information. Remember this Deity was in the beginning (Genesis) and will be at the end of time (Revelation).

the real meaning of christmas

Christmas is a strange word when you look at it, so what does it mean? Just like the book of Revelation a revealing of Christ, so is the word Christmas. Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s life! This Deity (God-Man) called 12 men to become His disciples. He treat them as if He had given birth to them. Loving them just like a parent, unconditionally. He mentor them, so they would learn the Fathers ways, not like the Priests’, Pharisees’, nor the Sadducees’! He wanted them to know the Fathers true love for them. He taught them to use the spirit that was within them to heal, pray and be a good examples. He did this all so when He left them they would not glorify Him, but would glorify the Father. What an awesome teacher!


Now I would like to challenge you! Put your name in front of the word mas ( ____________mas) What legacy will you leave? Will it glorify God? If not what are you going to do about it? May I suggest

1.Get into the word of God ( ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the true meaning of the scriptures)

2. Find someone you can study with who is also hungry for a closer relationship with Him.

3. Become a prayer partner with someone who will also hold you accountable.

4. Be open to depart from old traditions and ask Him to guide you.



This is easier said than done, but none the less I am also challenging myself.


Be Blessed!


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