Dreams & Visions


President race 2016; answered words

Welcome to the “circus”. Who would be our next President. As I stood there I envisioned a clown on a unicycle, juggling four balls in the air. Swaying back in forth, trying hard to stay balanced with the balls floating in precise unison. The balls had faces; one on each, there was Trump, Hillary, Bernie, and a large question mark on the last one.

Are YOU 1 of 3 ?

After awaking from a horrific dream, I pondered its implications. So I shared it with my spouse as we became fully awake. In the dream I was standing at a street corner that I was familiar with in a town that we were not currently living in. It was: spring, warm, birds chirping, a very pleasant site, no traffic, just calm and peaceful. Standing there looking around I saw a group of young people coming toward the corner about to...

Vision of A Great Revival

Years ago I was given a dream or vision of a Great Revival that would take place all around the world, is it that time? Over the last 10 years after given the vision I have wondered when this would take place. I have been seeking as many avenues possible that would lead me to G_D’s timing and if this one could be the same as the vision. The vision was the third in a one night download the was...

Three fold dream…pt1

While staying my son I was given a vivid dream. You know the kind that sticks with you even after you are shown its’ meaning. The first part was for me personally, so I will not share that part. The third part was a vision of a Great revival, which I will post at a later time. The second began with me viewing a man in the distant sitting on a hill top, also there was a very large ancient...

Dreams and Visions

CAN WE NOT THINK LIKE GOD? Over the years I have received many dreams and visions. Some that were just for me, others to share. The picture above was a vision given to me in 2015, which I painted. When you are given a dream, most of the time not all is revealed within a few minutes, hours, days, or months. The same goes for the dream that was given to me that I explained a few weeks ago.