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May 17, 2017

BelieveBelief is a strong word in which you have the power to believe or not. Most will not believe their words have power that God has granted you through the scriptures. If you ask God for something and have disbelief in your spirit then nothing will happen. But if you ask something from God, believing in your spirit, then if it is in God’s will for your life He will grant it for you.

one example of my belief

In late summer, early fall I was attending an art class not in my local area. The teacher was ill prepared and there was chaos in the coarse of painting outdoors. My group that I was with was of Christian belief. On the occasion of the day before the last day, while out I lost my phone. Having a blog and all my financial information that was a tap away on that lost phone made me upset. I search, called the area where the phone was lost, went to the police. My spouse cancelled the phone and all credit calls. Among the four in the group, one came with me to search and pray.

ask and it shall be given

The prayer was simple. “Lord your are in control. I have lost my phone. My request is one of two; one if it was lost on the road then I wish the phone to be totally destroyed or two allow some good person find it and call to return. The next day I went back to the spot where I felt the phone was lost. There was no evidence of a crushed phone on the road. I visited the local business to no avail. I could not paint so I decided to return home. When I got home my spouse said a nice lady found my phone on a trail while walking her dog. I was never near a trail, but thought it must have been thrown from the truck and landed on the trail going out of town. The two who was not with me in the search and prayer time response was God had nothing to do with the finding of the phone. This really surprised me that the women I believed to be strong christians were not. For a short time I came disillusion that how could I be so deceived by my friends. I really did not want to write anymore on the blog, so I took time out to be with the Lord.

what i learned

Before I started the blog the Lord gave a theme for that year “Take Time to be Holy”. So I devoted that year to that topic. When I lost my phone the Lord gave me the next theme “Forgive and Love”. This has been hard getting over my disappointment in my friends. He has brought me through many examples of times and people that I had ought against. Thus it has been a process of me Forgiving and learning to Love those that I felt that had not be on the up and up or hurt me.

belief in what he said

He also encouraged me to tell you that He is coming back soon. If you have ought against anyone or anything then FORGIVE and LOVE. Repent of any and all sin. He loves you and wants you to be with Him forever.

Remember FORGIVE and LOVE
Forgiveness Meditation

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