Running on Empty? Proverbs 9 – 16

Do you spiritual feel you are running on empty? There is two big things happening starting tomorrow April 9. #1 is the revival in Los Angles Azusa Now 2016. God TV will be covering this and you can stream it on your computer (click the link to get the time in your area). #2 We are starting the second week on our study of Proverbs. I pray you have been using your notebooks and writing what the Holy Spirit has been saying to you.

Is your Jar leaking? Proverbs 17-24

We are all leaking jars and from time to time we need a refill! A refill of the His Spirit that is. We are now starting our third week into the study of Proverbs. Thus far I have to say the Holy Spirit has been pouring into spots that I did not know was empty. How about for you? I pray you have been using your notebooks and writing what the Holy Spirit has been saying to you. leaking where? SPIRITUAL...

Dancing for the end is near! Proverbs 25 -31

We are now starting our fourth week into the study of Proverbs. Are you jumping for JOY! Hopefully you have heard from the HOLY SPIRIT clearly by now, if not I would suggest that you continue on for another month of just staying in HIS presence until you have received your answer to your request. I will be leaving this study up for a couple of months. This is a good exercise to bring you into a closer relationship with...


Sleep, oh yea, I like to do that when I can. They say you need so many hours each night, but who can really do that? I've done all the things you normally do before going to bed so when the illusive sandman hits I'm ready. Close my eyes and nothing! I mean nothing! So in this process I say my final prayers and still nothing.
There are some tricks I do and sometimes they work. First

Passover Feast for the Messiah

Shabbat Shalom, “For seven days eat bread made without yeast and on the seventh day hold a festival to the LORD.”  (Exodus 13:6) This Shabbat is the last day of Passover, which the Lord has designated as a special festival day. Although Passover ends at sunset Friday here in Israel, an extra day of Passover is celebrated outside the Land. This last day of Passover is called Acharon shel Pesach in Hebrew, and it has a feast that is devoted...

Are YOU 1 of 3 ?

After awaking from a horrific dream, I pondered its implications. So I shared it with my spouse as we became fully awake. In the dream I was standing at a street corner that I was familiar with in a town that we were not currently living in. It was: spring, warm, birds chirping, a very pleasant site, no traffic, just calm and peaceful. Standing there looking around I saw a group of young people coming toward the corner about to...

Second Passover

Happy Second passover, it’s your day of Second Chances Wishing you a blessed Second Passover (Pesach Sheni) “Have the Israelites celebrate the Passover at the appointed time.  Celebrate it at the appointed time, at twilight on the fourteenth day of this month, in accordance with all its rules and regulations.”  (Numbers 9:2-3) The Day of Second Chances Begins Tonight Pesach Sheni (Second Passover) begins tonight at sundown. What makes this holiday unique among all the other Jewish holidays is that...

Passover and Our Spiritual Eyes

If anyone tells you that the Passover is not for Christians and that it is not done anymore, then you are talking to someone who does not know who the Lamb of God is or what it means. You are talking to someone who knows about some religious things but has never sat at the Feast of Redemption and experienced the Lamb of God, nor does he realize that he is outside looking in.

Andrew and John Eastmond music and message

John gave a wonderful message this Friday night 4-15-16. If you haven’t heard him speak before you will be amazed how much he has grown in the Lord. If you want to buy any of their music this is their site. I have placed one of Andrew and John music videos and John message on my Facebook page.   If you have not gone there before this is where I post little things that happen during the week. Also if you have not requested...